FAQs – General

PongoPay is the mobile app which makes construction payments safe, simple and transparent for everyone involved. We provide previously unachievable levels of protection to both Construction Companies and Project Owners in every building transaction, while simplifying the entire process.

PongoPay works using state of the art escrow technology. Project Owners pay into our virtual ‘Safe Deposit Box’ before work starts and release the funds to the construction company once work is complete. Project Owners no longer have to pay unfamiliar contractors upfront and construction companies no longer have to worry about late payments or unpaid invoices.

The PongoPay app is free to download. Our service fee is 1.9% for all transactions under £50,000. Transactions over £50,000 incur a 1.3% service fee. 


The fee is deducted when the funds are released from the virtual Safe Deposit Box

The PongoPay app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.