We Make construction transactions Safer

PongoPay makes construction transactions safe, fair and transparent for everyone involved:

1. All transacting parties are KYC verified 
2. Funds for contracted works are ring fenced in the PongoPay Safe Deposit Box.
3. Payment is released in stages once work is completed as agreed. 

    Discover how PongoPay protects...

    Construction Companies

    Find out how PongoPay protects small businesses and tradespeople from late payments and makes it easier than ever to manage jobs on the go.

    Project Owners

    From our user verification to secure payment system, it's never been safer to pay for construction work.

    Main Contractors

    PongoPro is a digital payment solution designed to improve efficiency and save time on large construction projects.

    Safer Payments For Project Owners & Construction Companies

    Project owners can protect themselves by placing funds in the PongoPay virtual Safe Deposit Box before work starts, where they’re securely held until each stage of work is completed.

    Project owners no longer have to pay unfamiliar contractors upfront and Contractors are guaranteed payment as soon as work is complete. 

    Keep on top of variations and Changes to Scope throughout your project

    Reduce the likelihood of disputes by formally agreeing to work updates in real time. 

    In case of a dispute, we will appoint an impartial mediation service to help fairly and effectively resolve the issue.

      Send clients updates on your projects with the PongoPay construction payments app.
      Keep records of payments, track your business progress and keep on top of all your jobs in one place.

      Legally protected transactions

      PongoPay can save large sums of money on unnecessarily lengthy legal disputes.

      Funds in the PongoPay Safe Deposit Box are ring fenced by your legally binding escrow agreement.

      We strongly recommend that both parties agree to a separate contract of works. If this hasn’t happened, you’ll automatically be protected by the PongoPay Optional Service Contract. 

      give us a call to find out more

      You can start using PongoPay straight away, but if you’d like a free consultation to find out how our software can be used on your project, call an advisor on 01334 806113.