Construction Payments made Safe

PongoPay makes construction payments safe, simple and transparent for everyone involved:

1. All parties are KYC verified 
2. Funds are ringfenced in the PongoPay Safe Deposit Box
3. Payment is released to the Tradesperson once work is complete

    Discover how PongoPay protects...


    Find out how PongoPay protects tradespeople from late payments and makes it easier than ever to manage jobs on the go.


    From our user verification to secure payment system, it's never been safer to pay for construction work.

    Construction Projects

    PongoPro is a digital payment solution designed to help construction projects with multiple contractors run smoother and smarter.

    Safer Payments For Homeowners & Tradespeople

    Homeowners can protect themselves by placing funds in the PongoPay virtual Safe Deposit Box before work starts, where they’re securely held until each stage of work is completed.

    Homeowners no longer have to pay unfamiliar contractors upfront and Tradespeople are guaranteed payment as soon as work is complete. 

    Independent Mediation if Anything Goes Wrong

    PongoPay’s support team is always here to address any questions by emailphone or live chat.

    In case of a dispute, our impartial mediation service will help fairly and efficiently resolve the issue.

      Send clients updates on your projects with the PongoPay construction payments app.
      Keep records of payments, track your business progress and keep on top of all your jobs in one place.

      Legally protected transactions

      Funds in the PongoPay Safe Deposit Box are ring fenced by your legally binding escrow agreement.

      If you don’t already have a signed building contract, you’ll be automatically protected by the PongoPay Optional Service Contract. 

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      Sign up now to receive a £25 voucher when you complete your first job using PongoPay!