transform the way you take payments

PongoPay makes construction transactions safe and simple. 

Take payments, communicate with clients and manage your jobs all in one place.

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    No more late payments

    Clients pay into our virtual Safe Deposit Box before work starts and can release payment instantly as each stage of work is completed

    An easy way to communicate with clients

    Keep clients happy and up to date by sending build-updates through the app.

    Divide work into stages so you and your client can easily track progress.

    Automatic invoice & contract generation

    Contracts & invoices can be created, sent and agreed to at the click of a button, every time you set up a payment.

    Manage all your jobs in one place

    Keep records of payments, track your business progress and keep on top of all your jobs in one place.

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    Sign up now to receive a £25 voucher when you complete your first job using PongoPay!